Christ the Sales Expert

Christ the Sales Rep

Who was the greatest salesman to ever walk this earth? Jesus

What did he sell? Himself

Was he an honest salesman? Yes

Did he give a good price? Yes

Were the features and benefits correct and true? Yes

Was there a buyers right to cancel? Yes

Was he successful in creating expansion? O yea

“Come with me and let me make you fishers of men”

To say that Christ was a sales rep doesn’t give him all the glory but it’s a fact. In the synagogues you could find him winning people over, handling objections and closing followers on a daily basis. If someone asked me who the greatest sales rep to ever walk this planet was, I would tell them Jesus. He was honest and he had a great product including bonuses and discounts.

He presented and sold himself to the world – That’s the bottom line principle of a sales rep.

Tyler Smith


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