Steve & Eternity

 Steve Jobs was a great man but the greatest words he ever said were spoke on his death bed. “Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.” In a hospital room, surrounded by his loved ones, he passed on into the next world. Now I’ve done quite a bit of research on that great man, and I came to the conclusion that he was a very modest and very humble individual. We’re eternal, and were going to be some place a thousand years from now. I believe that this is the greatest thing in the world to realize. Check out my acronym for die.
D ive
I nto
E ternity
Who really knows what happens when we die, Dive Into Eternity…. When we finally know we won’t be able to tell the ones who don’t know. Maybe it’s heaven or hell, maybe it reincarnation, but I know that it’s the greatest event that we can prepare for. It’s inevitable, we will all dive into eternity, and those who think that they will have a greater eternity by devotion alone are sadly mistaken. We must put forth good works for our community in which we thrive in order for others to survive! AND THE CHURCH SAID AMEN! Leaving a legacy for our family who will survive us, is the greatest GREATEST gift we can give them.
So somewhere, Steve Jobs is still creating.

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