Relations to Riches

So much revolves around relationships in our world, it’s no wonder that the old saying; it’s not what but who you know, will always reign supreme. A solid relationship not only gives you a friend but it also has the ability to give you financial freedom. When you know people who know people, you gain instant networking power. The dilemma however lies in the fault of people not knowing how to cultivate relationships. I believe it’s beyond important to understand how to do that.

I’ve put together 5 Steps that will take you from relations to riches that are guaranteed to work.


  1. Gain a charismatic interest in a person. Let them tell you their life story and go along for the ride.
  2. Bring up the subject of connection and people with connections. Other people love to tell you who they know.
  3. Once you’ve gained a solid report with that person, ask them to introduce you to those people if they haven’t already offered.
  4. Repeat Step 1 with that person.
  5. Take advantage of the opportunity and plant your ideas and seeds.



If their mind is in unison and their soil is right, cultivation will be achieved on multiple levels beyond your imagination, however you can’t rub everyone the right way in the business world. So remember this…


Some do, Some don’t, Some will, Some wont, We care and we’ll take it as a lesson but who’s next.


                                                                                                                                         Tyler Smith


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