5 P’s to Proper Cultivation

I’m nearly a year into my N.P.O. adventure and believe it or not, it’s helped me not only in my selling ability but also my relationship skills. I now have a sincere belief that every capable human on this planet should have a part in a N.P.O. Not only is it rewarding but it’s a great networking tool.

The purpose of this article is to identify the 5 major ways to benefit from your donors. That being said, I’ve devised the 5 P’s to Proper Cultivation.


#1 Profit People – Every N.P.O. needs a cash flow and getting a big check from a donor is always a breath of fresh air. The profit people can be identified by their understanding of the financial needs. Nine times out of ten, they are the upper class.

#2 Product People – As many know, there are certain donors who lean more on donating their companies’ product rather than profit. These people are usually your upper middle class who understand the need and have a business or strong foothold in one.

#3 Production People – These are your volunteers. Every organization needs these people more than they realize. Volunteers can be identified and cultivated as the people who have a heart for your NPO but rarely the resources but their time.

#4 Publicity People – These are the people with a strong hold in media. They should always be considered and regarded highly because they have the ability to seat a N.P.O. apart from the rest.

#5 Players – There’s always an exception to the rule and you may find that you have donors who can do all of the above. These people should be considered VIP’s   and possible board members.

“Switching the pitch to a vision and the product to a cause”

Tyler Smith


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