When the deal goes south

Sometimes in the business world we are given a promise of a big deal by someone’s word and it goes south. What I do, and I believe what others tend to do is blame ourselves and that shouldn’t always be the case. If you did what you were supposed to do and reported the promise of the sale and continued with your follow-up as necessary, with respect; there shouldn’t be any blame on your behalf. If your superiors don’t realize that, then they haven’t been in the business for long.

People back out all the time and there is nothing that you/we can do about that. Whether it’s a person who caught heat from their significant other, business partners, or circle of influence, by some thought they backed out. In fact, the only thing that we can do is try to save that deal by means of identifying the objection after the close and handling it. If that won’t work, then you can bet that a pity party guilt trip won’t work either. In fact a second hand conviction method close might work, but it will brew questionable relations regardless. It might also be wise to gather the why not’s, but it’s very important to keep a positive mental attitude despite the letdown because 90% of reps will let that ruin their whole month not even realizing that each negative brings them closer to a positive. Therefore, it’s never finalized until the money hits the bank and that should be the outlook on any deal regardless of promise or contract signature.



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