Screaming Success for Silent Auctions

Recently our team was able get the most products for a Silent Auction this international nonprofit has seen. At the end, we had 108 different packages totaling 186k in value and we were able to get them all donated. We took 2 weeks to strictly concentrate on product donations and pounded the phones with relentless persistence.

Below are 10 pointers that every development team should follow.


  1. Put the time aside and strictly focus on product donations.
  2. Utilize anyone your NPO has ever done business with.
  3. Utilize you biggest donor’s recreation hobbies and create hosted packages.
  4. Utilize Donor Vacation Homes
  5. ASK BIG. I called a Jewelry Center and asked for a Rolex and got it and even if I wouldn’t have got it, I would’ve got something of lesser value. We were also able to get a Jet for a Trip.
  6. Ask for multiple items – Maximize Every Opportunity
  7. Take a minimum of 3 days to strictly concentrate on layouts and logistics.
  8. Make a lasting relationship with every donor for later.
  9. Record & Re-Thank. Record every donation and continue to Re-Thank every donor monthly.
  10. Set the goal higher next year.


“Follow this and lead the field”



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