Expense Funding

I want to expand on the screaming success that I’ve had with expense funding. Most recently I was able to get a new donor to sponsor 3 monthly billboards for two years in order to elevate admissions and donations for my NPO, that’s 3,600 monthly for two years which is a lick. Listen, people want to help but more importantly they want to give in ways that make their money count. One of the ways that I’ve found most beneficial for that purpose is creating a column of donors specifically set aside for advertising, trip and promotional expenses. Expense funding for us has saved the nonprofit approximately 75k in the two months that I’ve established the go to data base for our expanding needs.

If you take this route, it’s important to establish the relationship as far as giving strictly on expense needs and it’s also important to revere these donors as VIP. Now I’m not saying that every donor isn’t a VIP but most NPOs raise money so they can spend it on expenses. Imagine if you have a pool of donors who will fund your expenses. All you have to do is simply tell the new donor that you want to set them aside for your expense funding and take them out to dinner once a month with the expense fund.

Does that make sense? 🙂


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