Shall We Get Theological ?

Surely if I’m bout it then you should know I’m bout his business

On Judas: Who’s to say that Judas is burning in Hell? Speaking on predestination, If God has the perfect plan then do you think that he would forsake a soul for his sons Glory? How are we to think that our life is predestined when He gave us the power of Choice?

On Addiction: Does it say in the bible that an Addict is going to hell? Or does it say that the Man who is grudged with lust is hell bound? Then how can a person who is in an extra marital affair look down upon an addict?

On Hiding Behind Righteousness: Have you ever met a self-proclaimed Holy Roller? Does it not make you cringe for Christianity? When are we going to realize that transparency wins hearts? Shall we be real?

On Giving: If Christ gave his life for us and we refuse to give to increase His kingdom, do you think he will honor that? Shall we be more cheerful givers, and be advocates of the free lunch?

On Addiction Once More: Did he not say whom the Son sets free is free indeed? Shall we continue to believe that Bill Wilson and Bob Smith came up with a better cure for the Addicted? When they based their failed attempt in church on religion and not relationship? Shall we continue to think that we need 12 steps when he gave us 1? Does he not have the power to break every chain?

On War: Shall Christians just bow down and let the haters chop off their heads? Or shall we fight back? Shall we turn the cheek and take the knife or shall we proclaim Psalms 91 and remember that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church and fight back with fearlessness?

On Fear:  Shall we be afraid to proclaim our Love for the Gospel? Or shall we be fearless in our Evangelism?

On Atheism: Shall we even contemplate on debate? Or shall we remember that a person with a testimony is never at the mercy of a person with an argument? Shall we get in debate about the flood and the age of the planet when we know that all things work together for his good? What should we say when we are tested about those things? Shall it be simply answered with Jesus loves you? If God is the creator, then he created science did he not and it has benefited us has it not?

On Life: If we are to live this world in preparation for the next, then why are we here? Shouldn’t we strive for success knowing that prayer is the secret? Shouldn’t we be bringing heaven to earth and making this world a better place?

On Jesus Coming Back: Why is it that the older a person gets, that much closer Christ is to coming back? Is there not a dilemma in the church today about that? Do we fail to realize that regardless of his return or not, we are going to be spirit to spirit with him when we die?

On Hope: Is hope not our spiritual oxygen? Should we not put it within reach of every struggle?

On Catholics and Protestants: Should we simply be at doctrinal peace with each other? Do you think that God met for us to divide? Shouldn’t we respect each and not spread dissention?


On Love: Wouldn’t others know that we are Christians by our Love? How do you define a hateful Christian? Can you?




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