Super Human

As I ponder the wonders of the Universe, I can’t help but ponder the sensational abilities that Humans are able to accomplish. I have a sincere belief that there’s a certain level that Humanity can reach. A level where the mind can collectively conquer all things desired. It’s at this point where we can bend our own reality and shape our individual destinies.

This shouldn’t be anything new to us, we’ve witnessed it throughout all the greats in the past and present.

Bearing witness to that leads me to question their power that they harness. Are they even of this World? How did they get where they’re at now?

My hypothesis is simple…

The only way they got to this point in their life is by the occasional pushing of the envelope and the constant pushing of their limits. I’ve studied the greats for a long time and these are the common denominators that each of them have.They’ve all triumphed through pain and they’ve all developed their own philosophy. They’ve all became their own secret to success.

Inherit those denominators.

Tyler Smith  @TyTizzil


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