The Iron Man Approach

As I chill out this Sunday watching Iron Man, I ironically became inspired to write this article. There’s a lot that we can learn from Iron Man in business and sales.

There numbered off below.

1. His Attitude – Iron Man’s attitude always resembles the life of the party. His bravado stays at a level that every master closer and business owner needs to mirror. 

2. His Business Sense – Throughout every movie, he’s always put brains and humor over brawn negativity. He’s also extremely intelligent with technology. We all have a lot to learn when it comes to his business sense.

3. His Sidekicks – Iron Man always has sidekicks that kick ass. This philosophy is applicable in business because teamwork makes the dream work.

4. His Appearance – Even though everybody knows that he’s Iron Man and that he could get away with board shorts and flip-flops, he still dresses for success. 

5. His Armor – Solid armor is always needed for dealing with the bullets of problems in sales and business. 




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