Sales Hacks

The purpose of this article is to give the reader various sales hacks in order to increase their closing ratio. I’ve learned many tricks over the years and it would be unjust for me to not share them with the world.

Below are the various hacks listed in numerical order. Enjoy.

  1. Always make sure that you have clear eyes – Nobody likes to be presented with a product by a rep who is blown out of their mind.
  2. Sit the prospect in the more comforting chair – By doing this, you are making it seem as if they are really in control, which they aren’t but it’s good to portray that they have more power.
  3. Shake with your left hand – It throws off the equilibrium of the initial contact made with the prospect and by doing this, you gain a dominating factor and make your self seem instantly unique.
  4. Set hooks that prove true and wont come out – Make your hooks strong and factual that way the prospect will never doubt you.
  5. When handling the first objection, offer them a cup of coffee – By doing this, they get in the habit of getting what you have to offer.


Though these five simple hacks are brief, I guarantee you that they work and much like any other hack, you’ll find that the success will pour in, in numbers that rise above your competition.


Be Good At What You Do,

Tyler @SoulofaHustler


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