Debunking the secret to success

Listen, anybody who is ambitious has searched for the secret to success. For those of us that have, we’ve been searching for Pandora’s Box. Searching relentlessly only to find someone marketing “The Secret To Success”. They come out with videos that lead you to a buying state of mind. The truth is that there are no secrets, there isn’t any one thing that will lead you to success.


Furthermore, there is nothing wrong if you are on that level right now. You may not call it a secret. You may look at it as information and what you’re doing may very well be working for you. I’m not here to state facts. This article can be argued. But the truth is that they are marketing secrets, not information. Information, in my opinion; should always be free.



Finally, people have gotten rich selling secrets over the years, and that’s fine. It’s just not the avenue I’m willing to travel down. There are those types who find out their own secrets, and they wont charge you anything to find them out. I highly suggest finding a mentor who is either cheap, or free. You might be saying that there is no such thing, but there is. There internet is full of free articles and advise. There is no reason you should be paying to find out what some other person knows.




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