The myth about leads

Some sales people live for them, others can’t live without them. Leads are contagious, once you get your taste of them you almost have to have them in order to produce. Don’t get stuck in that rut. I mean sure leads are good but you push aside you natural sales instincts when you become dependent on them. You must realize that they make you lazy. Eventually you’re going to find yourself without money.


Anybody with a mouthpiece can close on a real lead because that lead is in a buying state of mind. They already want what you have and they make your job super easy. But here’s the solid truth, sales isn’t supposed to be easy. That’s why so few salespeople are rich in the industry. Again, don’t make this mistake.


So you’ve generated a book of business and your leads are unlimited, well good for you, you’re nearing retirement. Why? Because people who retire are lazy. To me it means that you’re relying on other people to bring you business. You’re not eating what you kill and killing what you eat anymore, you’re eating of of the same plate. You’re sucking on bone marrow.


Look, in order to be successful in sales, you have to generate new business from scratch. Any good sales manager will see right through you or if your the sales manager, I hope this is a slap in the face for you. The truth is that you’ve gotten completely lazy. I highly suggest that you pick up the phone and cold call, or go see someone you never meant before. All the greats know that cold calling keeps you fresh.


Finally, we’ve entered an era where it’s the “hook” vs the “lead”. There are those in the industry who think that cold calling isn’t required anymore. They are completely dependent on the 1,000 dollar lead system that they bought. By doing this they are failing to promote, and if your failing to promote, you will never be promoted. At the end of my sales career when I’m 99, I want to still be promoting what I’m selling.


Best Regards, phone


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