Insanityoia : A story of not sleeping

I remember my first bout of not being able to sleep… I worked the night shift, 6 twelves in Iraq for 15 months. During that deployment I must of only got 300 hours of sleep. I paved the road for insomina for myself and many other veterans. As you all know Ive flown off the hindge mutiple times, this article, though brief, will explain why. At first its true that it was because of drugs, but later on in life the psychosis came from not being able to sleep. None of you have to remind me of anything because I remember everything. When I dont sleep I hallucinate. After about 3 days or 72 hours without sleep, I fly off the hindge. It’s like my marbles turn into pool balls and I hit them off the table and they bounce off and hit me in the head. Sleep is so important, without it everything becomes mush. Without it, life becomes insane.

Secondly, I just found out Im bipolar so I get manic at times, my mania starts when I don’t sleep, that’s why Im able to go 100 mph. We all have our issues, Im dealing with mine, so deal with your own.




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